Hiroto Okazaki (Deputy Chief of Honbu)

Hiroto Okazaki-Vice Chief-Kyokushin-kan

Hiroto Okazaki was born in April 1961, at the Fukushima region, Japan. He began the practice of Kyokushin Karate at thirteen and, to finish his studies Bachelor, entered as "uchi deshi" in Royama Dojo. Trained under the supervision of Royama, while belonged to the branch of Saitama and, after learning the essence of Karate Royama, founded the branch of Kyokushinkaikan, in Fukushima. Also practiced, for many years, Karate, Koryo and Iaido and became famous for being a great expert in kata. In December 2002, left Kyokushinkaikan, along with Hatsuo Royama, Tsuyoshi Hiroshige e Akio Koyama, and contributed to the creation of Kyokushin-kan.

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